Louis Acquisto

Louis Acquisto loves bears. Mainly those of the Grizzly variety, but he’s not that picky. In fact, in most cases he’s pretty indecisive. I mean, he has already lived in every time zone in the continental US. Fortunately for Project Tremolo, he has settled here in San Francisco for the time being. A die-hard fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, he has also been known to enjoy good beer, rap music, tasty foods, a nice pair of “jorts”, Jeopardy and more beer. Yes, he has danced for tons of people, basically everywhere between here and Ireland. Yes, he really is that cool and yes, he will totally be your friend.  




Jesse Chin

Jesse Chin is an awesome kitten of a man. Sometimes he doesn't like dancing so he quits and does lots of yoga, but luckily for Project Tremolo, he never gets sick of their shenanigans. He likes designing photoshoots with lots of tulle, long crushed velvet skirts and general shirtlessness. He has danced for lots and lots of people, he's just that awesome.



Elizabeth Chitty

Elizabeth Chitty is the love child of all things artsy. Not only was she the top female student in her graduating class, but she also found time to cultivate a love of gardening, massage therapy, Nietzsche, Craniosacral Therapy, tea blending, oh yeah and of course, dancing. Sometimes she loses her phone, but she always manages to call you back... eventually. Hailing from Boulder, CO, she has danced for alot of amazing people all over the west coast. If that wasn't enough, she has also been known to create some pretty badass dance pieces that always leave the audiences feeling things.




Stephen DiBiase 

Stephen is a greek god in human form.  But don’t be distracted by his sweet face and chiseled body, this guy laughs at the laws of physics daily.  In his short shorts and galaxy t-shirt he does things that the rest of us only ever dream of doing.  And makes it look effortless to boot. The best (worst) part about Stephen, he's the nicest person alive.  So you can’t hate him.  Even though he will always show you up on the dance floor.




Caitlin Hafer

Caitlin Hafer is a modern dance Batman.  Not only does she sport the snazziest of utility belts, but she is straight diesel in the strength department.  You probably know her.... because lets face it who doesn’t.  She enjoys spending her days taking class, rehearsing, climbing, riding her bike, taking class, climbing, teaching class, rehearsing, riding her bike, rehearsing and taking class.  With all her spare time, she likes to choreograph her own awesome shows or sometimes, just maybe, watch Netflix on her couch.  One might say, she does it all.  So yeah, she is pretty much a superhero at life in general. 


Jhia Jackson

Jhia Jackson is both terrifying and fierce, much like her cats. She is a founding member of Project Tremolo, so her sass has kept us in check from the beginning. Like any good dancer, she has a great appreciation for wine and cheese, but she'll take some honey and mashed potatoes if that's all you've got. Actually, she'd prefer all of the honey you've got. Not only is she a stunning dancer, but she can also create and build some pretty amazing costumes, even when we call her in a panic days before a show. Her fashion sense is unparalleled, yet she somehow still manages to make sweats and cowboy boots look cool. Did we mention that she loves honey?



Amanda Lacro

Amanda likes dancing a lot. One time she got scarlett fever and couldn't dance for awhile, but luckily she survived to dance another day. I mean phew. She likes wearing lululemon leggings to rehearsals, and if she is wearing something other than black, grey or maroon - it probably isn't her. Since joining Project Tremolo, she has perfected the art of finely crafted sass, but usually is pretty nice anyways. When she isn't dancing, she is probably curled up with her dog Bailey or looking out onto the ocean. She probably has a crush on you, but don't worry, you probably have a crush on her too.




Bianca Mendoza 

If flames were a person they would be Bianca.  She has broken the sound barrier, multiple times, with her movement and still has managed to find times to become the fiercest samba-ette  around.  Now, don’t be fooled, yes she may work in a library and write poetry and yes she will definitely show up to rehearsal in booty shorts and a ripped up t-shirt but this girl is a force to be reckoned with, both in and out of the studio. 



Suzy Myre

Suzy specializes in jumping, falling over, flying, standing on her hands and making others do the same. She started dancing at age 3 and while her growth spurt stopped shortly after, she has never stopped. Her mind is an endless source of physics-defying challenges, but luckily she will be the first to make your impossible ideas come true. She is always five minutes early, probably wearing flannel, and ready for business. The only thing she loves more than dancing is the Seattle Seahawks, a source of some discord in the group. Finally, I would definitely suggest that you not try to mug her, she will probably beat you up. 



Katerina Wong 

Katerina is the embodiment of “the whole package.”  Whether she is dancing for everyone you’ve ever heard of, singing like a freakin rock star, performing in every festival you should have heard of, or making up her own kick ass dances, Project Tremolo is lucky to have snagged “Rehearsal Director Wong.”  She is literally busy, doing everything, daily and still manages to find time to indulge us in our crazy antics.  Oh yeah, did we mention we she went to Princeton. 



Past Collaborators:
Kelsi Auday
Alex Crow
Mackenzey Franklin
Gina Lewis
Charles Roy
Paul Vickers